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Catered by Jacqueline is an award winning French chef with a successful South West Catering business. Jacqueline branched out some time ago into a range of fabulous fresh products that are available through the local markets in the South West and surrounding districts.

The demand has grown so much so that we have created this online store, so you can have Jacqueline's fresh and delicious products sent direct to you door.

Our emphasis is on fresh locally sourced ingriedients with the excetption of one or two superior imported items across the board with our products and catering services.

Please keep your eye out as new products will be released moving forward now that we are up and running.

There are no colours, flavours or preservatives in any of our produce and they are all gluten free with the exception of the Crisp.

We use free range produce where protein is an ingredient.

We only do delicious !